Privacy Regulation

Privacy regulators are under increasing pressure to proactively monitor and enforce business compliance with jurisdiction specific privacy laws. Openly makes it easy for regulators to monitor businesses at scale.

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Openly can assist regulators with at-scale business activity monitoring to simplify monitoring and enforcement of compliance.

Easily locate key documentation.

Easily locate and review key policy documentation from a pool of more than 19,000 worldwide businesses.

Proactively monitor businesses at scale.

Continually monitor critical changes within high-risk industries, including changes to business information, policy documentation and vendor relationships.

Focus your attention.

Monitor country specific vendor usage to focus your regulatory resources on the most common businesses within your jurisdiction.

Respond with speed.

Respond to privacy complaints and enquiries faster by accelerating the information gathering process.

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Platform overview.
Check out a topline view of what information is stored within Vendor Monitor.
Easy data mapping.
Data mapping and inventory is a breeze with Openly Vendor Monitor.
Groups simplify life.
Set up groups to assign responsibility by vendor in Vendor Monitor.