Ongoing Compliance

Being sure that you're complying with the requirements of acronym city (GDPR, CCPA, CalOPPA, LGPD, PIPL...) can be difficult. Openly makes it easy to collate and track all of your vendors.

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Openly Vendor Monitor
Openly Privacy Hub
Openly Rights Request
Openly Breach Manager

Openly can assist with ongoing compliance efforts by simplifying third-party vendor management.

Get up-to-date business information.

We update our vendor profiles every 24 hours to ensure we always have the most accurate information.

See log of recent changes.

We log everything that we do, so you can look back over time and review changes to key business information or policy documentation.

Collate your vendors at scale.

Access a single source of truth for all of your third-party vendor relationships.

Save time.

Ditch the excel spreadsheet. Track your compliance efforts within a single collaborative platform.

We could show you 1,000 tutorials...

But nothing beats jumping into the platform and trying Openly Vendor Monitor for yourself. It's totally free for 14 days, and we don't ask for your payment details until you're ready to upgrade. Why not give us a try?

Platform overview.
Check out a topline view of what information is stored within Vendor Monitor.
Easy data mapping.
Data mapping and inventory is a breeze with Openly Vendor Monitor.
Groups simplify life.
Set up groups to assign responsibility by vendor in Vendor Monitor.