Easily monitor more than 19,000 vendors for privacy and compliance risk.

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What is Openly Vendor Monitor good for?

Privacy Regulation

Privacy regulators are under increasing pressure to proactively monitor and enforce business compliance with jurisdiction specific privacy laws. Openly makes it easy for regulators to monitor businesses at scale.

Ongoing Monitoring

Nothing will give you *that* sinking feeling quite like seeing your vendors in the news. Openly makes it easy to monitor your vendors at scale, so you can stay ahead of changes and news cycles.

Vendor Onboarding

Onboarding a new vendor can be stressful. With all of the information gathering required, it can take hours per vendor. Openly makes it easy to gather privacy and data security information about new vendors.

Our vendors in numbers.

By Parent Company

We have 19,916 vendors in Openly Vendor Monitor, but there are three dominant parent companies with repeat entries.

16 vendors
15 vendors
8 vendors

By Country

We have vendors in 134 different countries, but the United States reigns supreme.

United States
13,165 vendors
United Kingdom
2,264 vendors
843 vendors

By Industry

We have vendors in 91 different industries. Perhaps not surprisingly, most of our vendors are within the information technology sector.

Information Technology
11,325 vendors
Consumer Discretionary
6,024 vendors
1,807 vendors

By Founded Year

Our oldest vendor was founded in 1801, but the 90s were by far the biggest decade for growth.

471 vendors
333 vendors
284 vendors

By Revenue

Most of our vendors are generating $1m to $10m per year.

$1m to $10m
5,343 vendors
$10m to $50m
3,769 vendors
$0 to $1m
2,708 vendors

By First Letter

Here's a useless stat... The letter 'S' is the most common first letter used for a vendors trading name. The letter 'X' is the least common (76 vendors).

The letter 'S'
2,216 vendors
The letter 'C'
1,776 vendors
The letter 'T'
1,654 vendors
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Monitor up to 150 vendors from our pool of 19,000+ and get near real-time privacy risk alerts.

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Monitor up to 400 vendors from our pool of 19,000+ and get near real-time privacy risk alerts.

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Vendor Monitor is solving compliance and due diligence headaches every day.

"A really well designed product that solves the problem of high volume vendor compliance monitoring... The public roadmap is a big plus for tracking features that I’d like to see added to the platform. Overall a brilliant experience."

Mark G.
Vendor Monitor Beta User

"We've got over 100 vendors that keep our business running. Vendor Monitor gave us insight into their privacy practices in seconds... We love knowing that everything is being monitored for us."

William M.
Vendor Monitor Beta Client

“There are a few features that would really boost functionality, but we cannot fault the product's accuracy, speed, and ease of use. I've saved dozens of hours trawling through due diligence documentation. This is a real game changer."

Tom P.
Vendor Monitor Beta Client