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July 28, 2021

- Openly HQ

Openly is all about protecting you. Whether you’re an over-sharer, an online shopper or a cat video watcher we build everything with you in mind. As a part of our commitment to developing world-leading tools that promote easier self-management of privacy, we’ve developed Openly Certified.

What is Openly Certified?

Openly Certified is a privacy certification program. The core purpose of this program is to hold businesses to account using the same set of rules. This makes it easier for you to identify a website that has enhanced privacy practices.

A lot of privacy certification programs exist – but we are unique, because we offer products and tools that support you. Most other programs focus solely on protecting the business. We care more about protecting you.

Our privacy certification involves a series of audits and assessments. This gives us the ability to dig deeper into how a business manages your privacy. We only award certification to the best of the best, and this means that when you visit a business that is Openly Certified, you can browse with confidence.

Our program is designed to be transparent, so you’ll always be able to find out how and why we have awarded a certification.

That’s all cool right? Well, we thought we could further our program by strengthening the legal obligations placed onto a business when they decide to apply to become Openly Certified. This led us to creating our Privacy Code.

What is a Privacy Code?

A Privacy Code is a special set of legally binding rules. We have spent the past 18 months perfecting our privacy Code to ensure it offers enhanced privacy protection over and above what’s required by the Australian Privacy Act.

The key to the Code is that it becomes a legislative instrument (a law) as a part of the Privacy Act when it’s registered with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. This means that when a business becomes Openly Certified, they have super-strict legal obligations to comply with.

This is better for you, because it means the business is legally bound by the rules, but more importantly, it gives you a consistent standard to compare different businesses against.

As a part of the application process, we are required to run a public consultation to make sure the rules meet the public’s expectations, and to collect feedback from the businesses that might be bound by the Code.

We’ll keep you up to date with more as things progress, but for now you can check out the Code in the Public Consultation Centre. If you have any thoughts on the Code, you’re welcome to make a submission. We’d love to hear from you.

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