The three P's

July 28, 2021

- Openly HQ

The three P’s run our business. No, not the literal peas you see above. We’re talking about People Powered Privacy. It’s the concept that powers every decision we make, every tool we build, and every certification we issue.

What is People Powered Privacy?

People Powered Privacy is something we want to see applied to every business eventually, and it centres around the idea that the user (you) should be front of mind when making a business decision.

We mean every single decision.

Too often, privacy is considered as an afterthought, or not at all. This results in costly breaches for business and bigger issues for you.

If the real world impact on you is a consideration from the outset, we believe that the most ethical decision is easier to make - and ethics is important to us.

We don’t accept that breaches of privacy are ever outweighed by financial gain, and we believe that investment in privacy is good for business and good for you.

How is Openly using People Powered Privacy?

We’re continually working to make privacy more transparent, more accountable and easier to understand. To do this, we use people power.

We have consulted with consumers, business leaders, the Government and consumer advocates to build the Openly Privacy Code.

Our Certification Register holds valuable information about how we have come to a certification decision, offering more transparency than ever before.

ReportHub is built to protect vulnerable users who may not be accessing our website in a safe environment.

Openly Prism is designed to simplify the all too common legalese found within privacy policies, so you can make more informed privacy decisions.

Heck, we’re even raising our seed capital through crowd-sourced funding.

When we seek views from different groups of people, outside of our business bubble, the outcome is undeniably better.

We’ll continue to add more about our mission to make People Powered Privacy mainstream, but for now… it's adios!

Psssst! We're about to start our seed funding round.

We're conducting an equity crowfunding round with Equitise. If you like what we're about, we'd like for you to own a part of us.

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