We're bringing Privacy Utopia to Planet Earth.

Privacy Utopia is an idyllic world where consumer rights are respected and business revenue is protected.  It's a simplification of privacy. It's a builder of trust. It's a well rounded solution that resets a fragmented privacy eco-system. It's super-smart software solutions for complex privacy problems. It's our mission.

Meet the team behind Openly.

Jay Gilden, Co-Founder & Executive Director
Terri Hustwick-Oddy, Co-Founder & Non-Executive Director
Will Oddy, Co-Founder & Non-Executive Director
Johan Müller, Advisory Board Member
Marion Hemphill, Advisory Board Member
Penny Wong, Advisory Board Member
Ajith Ratnarajah, Advisory Board Member
Umesh Ratnagobal, Advisory Board Member
Lisa Schonstein, Advisory Board Member
Bhaskar Tiwari, Lead Software Developer

What drives us.

Forever a challenger.

Regardless of whether we're pioneering, or building upon established principles, we will always seek to challenge the status quo.

Be guided by good.

Everything we do serves a positive purpose. Whether for consumers, businesses or the world, we will always seek to be good.

Simplify it all.

Before we do anything, we always start with the why. If we can't find a reason, we will always seek to strip out the fluff and simplify everything.

Stay accessible.

We want to stay accessible for all. Whether through price, experience or design, we will always seek to build with accessibility in mind.
Our virtual forest shows where our trees are growing and how they're progressing. We love this feature.
Check out the Openly Forest

Our greatest milestones.

January 2020
Openly is created

Following significant developments in global privacy law, Openly is created to simplify compliance efforts.

February 2021
First advisory board

To keep Openly on-track (and growing), we appointed six well known experts to our advisory board.

April 2021
Key product launch

Openly For Business (now Openly Apps) is first launched, receiving overwhelming support from the Australian small business community. Read more about it here.

October 2021
$3.2m valuation in pre-seed round

After a big year, we successfully closed our pre-seed funding round at a $3.2m pre-money valuation. Read more about it here.

February 2022
Key product launch

Off the back of our successful funding round, we were able to accelerate the release of Openly Vendor Monitor 2.0. Oh, and there's more to come!

Pondering privacy? We've created the perfect privacy playlists to get you in the mood.