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Manage your third-party risk with ease.

51% of organisations have experienced a data breach caused by a third-party. Onboard, assess and monitor your third-parties with ease using Openly Vendor Monitor.

Everything we do,
we do it for you.

People Powered Privacy removes the legalese, the tin foil hats and all of the overly complicated foundations of privacy. We build tools and provide services that aim to make your life easier.

Smarter technology.

Technology should have made privacy easier, smarter and safer... but it hasn't. Openly is changing that by developing world-leading tools that save you time.

Smarter support.

Privacy support can be as complicated (and boring) as most privacy policies. Openly is changing the way you access privacy support by removing the hoops.

Smarter decisions.

You make hundreds of decisions about your privacy every day without knowing it. Openly is doing the hard work to help you make the right ones with minimal effort.

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